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With the Support of the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology Affairs;

More than 100 knowledge-based companies have gathered in the exhibition

Mohammad Ebrahim Sadeghi, secretary of the second exhibition of innovative, creative and knowledge-based companies, which is held October 11th-14th, 2018 in Goftogu Park, stated: more than 100 companies have gathered in the event, which are either knowledge-based or provide services to knowledge-based companies. However, a new section has been added to this group.

According to Sadeghi, creative companies has been added to the exhibition this year as a new section. In this regard, he added: eight companies are present in the form of the program of development of creative companies’ ecosystem.

He introduced the titles of medals as honor of knowledge-based occupation, knowledge-based export, national knowledge-based brand and special technology, asserting: knowledge-based export is a company that have at least 100 thousand dollars export. Knowledge-based brand is assigned to a company that has a sales rate of five billion IRT. The national brand is allocated to a company with at least 100 personnel that receives insurance.

According to the secretary of the second exhibition of creative, innovative and knowledge-based companies on the closing ceremony of the event, the knowledge-based companies will receive a letter and statue of appreciation in the desired fields. The company that has had the most outputs in the mentioned areas will receive a special award as well.

He regarded the scientific areas present in the event to be information technology, electronics and electricity, which constituted 60% of the companies, as well as advanced technologies, production and manufacturing, biotechnologies, medication, oil and energy.

Sadeghi expressed: about 25-30% of products are unveiled in the exhibition, achieved in the past year by knowledge-based companies. These products were all developed or presented to the market last year. These products are two types; some are new and some are a new version of previous knowledge-based products.

He pointed out the marketing system considered in the exhibition to be marketing, asserting: the present companies have completed 14 forms that include various information and could be provided to marketing and investment companies in a processed manner. Investors may be private or governmental.

In the end, Sadeghi pointed out the presence of various delegations from different countries, including Italy, China, Afghanistan, and Iraq, in order to develop export of knowledge-based products. To date, several agreements have been signed to purchase products, have technological cooperation and investment with other countries.

The second exhibition of innovative, creative and knowledge-based companies will be held October 11th-14th, 2018 in Goftogu Park with the support of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs.

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