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Fall Quarterly of Creative Ecosystem Is Published

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, the program of development of creative companies’ ecosystem with the support of the soft and identity-making technologies development headquarter is published in “Creative Ecosystem” quarterly, fall 2018.

In the initial editorial note of the journal, written by Sajadi Nayeri, secretary of the working group of creative companies’ ecosystem development, we read:

“The creative industries are endogenous and extrinsic in industry and rely on our indigenous culture, which can create employment at a very low cost compared to other industries and provide high-value knowledgeable products to the world. In addition, the cultural and creative industries are an active, not passive, cultural encounter.”

After a complete introduction of the program of development of creative companies’ ecosystem and introducing some applicable services of the program, interviews were made with some creative companies and their products and services were introduced.

Articles and notes such as “the role of governmental organizations in the development of the creative industries ecosystem "," the role of education at the university and students for the development of this ecosystem”, and news on creative and cultural industries in the past season and fall were considered in this issue of the journal.

Other goals of this program include creation and strengthening of brands of creative companies in the field of cultural products of the country and services based on technology and innovation, solving social problems and problems of the country, such as solving the problems of water deficit and drought and waste, and controlling biological pollutants with innovative and innovative approaches, and strengthening international cooperation in the field of creative and cultural industries and innovative businesses.

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