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News > Benefiting of all parts of West Azerbaijan from the science and technology park services

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Sattari Expressed on the Inauguration Ceremony of the Growth Center of Technological Units of West Azerbaijan Province:

Benefiting of all parts of West Azerbaijan from the science and technology park services

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Sattari mentioned: with the help of the ministry of science, research, and technology, supportive policies of technology development and provincial growth centers are being pursued more quickly.

He pointed out that the decisions for developing the system of knowledge-based companies and investment of the private sector are the focal points of this travel, expressing: what fosters the development and growth of knowledge-based companies and startups of the creative and educated young people is a business-friendly environment, and the infrastructure sector for the development of this environment should be supported by the state.

The vice president for science and technology affairs reminded that the cooperation of the private sector would improve the ecosystem of knowledge-based economy, affirming: investment funds can meet the financial needs of knowledge-based companies and startups and provide facilities. In addition, the presence of venture capitals of the private sector in the area of development of knowledge-based businesses is essential.

The vice president for science and technology affairs pointed out the support provided by financial units, such as banks, affirming: investment funds in the area of research and technology have allocated considerable numbers to the support of studies of the knowledge border and knowledge-based companies. Banks have also taken steps on this pass, allocating approximately 12 thousand billion IRT to companies as facilities.

Sattari mentioned the role of knowledge-based companies and startups in the economy of the country, expressing: currently, more than 3600 knowledge-based companies are active in the economy of the country, result of which has been more than 60 thousand billion IRT worth of revenues in the past year.

He also pointed out the improvement of position of Iran based on global innovation index (GII), marking: the ranking of Iran has had a considerable improvement in the past three years based on GII, moving from the 75th rank in 2017 to 65th rank in 2018. Meanwhile, the rank of Iran was 106 in 2015.

Sattari also emphasized: although Iran has a very good position in some of the GII benchmarks, such as human resources, this position has been promoted to other criteria, such as technology policy and the development of the business environment as well as investment.

According to this report, the units of science and technology park were inaugurated with the goal of support of new and creative businesses in the province.

The vice president for science and technology affairs also visited the knowledge-based companies based on the science and technology park of West Azerbaijan Province, accompanied by the governor of the province and head of the technology park.

Production of bio-fuels, control of heating systems, electronics, poultry and livestock feed, recombinant energy materials and equipment production and biotechnology are among the activities of units based on this science and technology park.

In another part of this travel, Sattari visited the exhibition of nuclear industry achievements based on Urmia University.

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