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In the future, there will be vigorous and soft and cultural assets of the nations that will shape their status and authority. The remarkable developments of hard sciences and technologies during the twentieth century, the century  that lads to flourishing economical in societies that so-called developed societies, Human nature needs that can be satisfied as far superior to the spiritual needs and spiritual needs of its own.

Responsiveness to these needs requires the development of a new branch of science and technology called soft and cultural science and technology, aimed at recognizing as much as possible the mental and psychological aspects of mankind and finding ways to enhance his mental and spiritual well-being and the better relationship between his physiology and the environment Is around; the environment is becoming complex increasingly due to progress of science and hard technologies.

As sciences and hard technologies lead to the formation and development of numerous group of hard industries (often factory industries), science and Soft technology also form soft industries; The industries whose products and services to improve human quality of life and facilitate his relationship with the environment. Soft industries have different varieties, one of the most important branches of which are "creative and cultural industries". Some of these industries form the "creative economy."

Creative and cultural industries, during the last few years have been developed so that some futurists, the fourth wave of the information age and knowledge beyond the era of creativity or creative and cultural industries.

In this regard, The vice Presidency of Science and Technology has set up a staff for the development of soft and identity technologies, So that to integrate all branches related to soft and identity technologies for developing and commercialization .

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