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Sattari Expressed on the Inauguration Ceremony of the Growth Center of Technological Units of West Azerbaijan Province:
Benefiting of all parts of West Azerbaijan from the science and technology park services
The vice president for science and technology affairs stated: by laying the foundation for development of software services of science and technology park of West Azerbaijan Province, knowledge-based companies and startups in all sections can benefit from the services of the science and technology park in all sections.
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With the Support of the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology Affairs;
GITEX Technology Exhibition is started in the presence of creative Iranian companies.
The GITEX 2018 exhibition is started on October 14th 2018 in the presence of eight knowledge-based companies and 23 active startups in the knowledge-based and creative field of their work.
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Sattari on Visit of the Second Exhibition of Innovative, Creative and Knowledge-based Companies:
The creative knowledge-based companies are placed on the path of export development
The vice president for science and technology affairs stated: development of exports is one of the important issues for knowledge-based companies. Therefore, the Vice-Presidency has initiated an extensive program since three months ago to make progress in this field.
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Fall Quarterly of Creative Ecosystem Is Published
The third quarterly of creative ecosystem (fall 2018) is published by the support of soft and identity-making technologies development headquarter.
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With the Cooperation of Soft and Identity-making Technologies Development Headquarter;
Rabe Rashidi will address entrepreneurship in cultural and creative industries
With the cooperation of soft and identity-making technologies development headquarter, the entrepreneurship event of “SafaTech” will be held along with the fifth innovation and technology exhibition of Rabe Rashidi on entrepreneurship in creative and cultural industries.
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