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The abandoned urban areas will be turned into a place for youth innovation

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, during the ceremony for signing an agreement on establishment of knowledge-based companies and startups in abandoned and worn places of Tehran, Sattari stated: the municipality of Tehran is the sustainable sponsor of innovative and creative ideas. With the cooperation of this organization, the foundation has been laid on signing an agreement on establishment of knowledge-based companies, startups, accelerators, and innovation and technology centers in the capital of Iran.

The vice president for science and technology affirmed that creating centers in Tehran as places for gathering of startups, growth centers, knowledge-based companies, startups and technology units will be possible by turning the abandoned places into a foundation for flourishing of capacities of the mentioned organizations. This was a part of the agreement made with the municipality of Tehran.

The president of the knowledge-based economy and culture-building technologies development headquarter pointed out that the future of Tehran is in the hands of innovators, adding: the accumulation of expert youth along with the investment of the private sector and presence of knowledge-based companies and startups in this city will contribute to the formation of a smart city and turning Tehran into a science and technology park.

In the presence of Afshani, the mayor of Tehran, Sattari mentioned the continuous process of changing abandoned places of Tehran into factories of innovation centers, affirming: with the help of the municipality of Tehran, while a number of innovative factories are active in Tehran, only one of them is able to include more than 3500-4000 entrepreneurs.

The vice president for science and technology affairs pointed out the fundamental transformation in the concept of education by moving toward a smart city, asserting: the concept of education will be completely transformed in the future and the concept of education until death and daily learning will be realized.

He pointed out that one of the basics of this agreement is culture building and promoting knowledge-based science, technology and economy, claiming: we seek the formation of a city that provides new technological services to people every day, and the residents of the city will constantly receive new education and services that simplify their lives.

Sattari also explained about the potential capacity of the capital of Iran to be turned into an innovative, technological and smart city. In this regard, he continued: according to the latest report by the global innovation index (Gii), Tehran is among the top 50 technological cities of the world and has the capacity of being turned into a smart city. Meanwhile, it rarely occurs to find a city with a considerable number of academic centers in a specific geographical location using the potential of a high-capacity human resource to provide technological services that justifies the provision of any services.

Seyed Mohammad Ali Afshani, the mayor of Tehran, mentioned that one of the priorities of municipality of Tehran is restoring the abandoned and worn places to develop neighborhoods, and make the inefficient city textures relivable.

Flourishing of Startups and Knowledge-based Businesses in Abandoned and Worn Places of Tehran

A cooperation agreement was signed between the Vice-Presidency and municipality of Tehran with the goal of using the current capacities of municipality of Tehran to recognize and assign abandoned buildings and industrial places in the worn city textures to startups and accelerators with the goal of using the developmental impacts and added value created by the establishment of these organizations in line with improving entrepreneurship in the city.

According to this joint agreement, development of the ecosystem of innovation and technology to expand the knowledge-based economy and use the capacities of Tehran with an emphasis on empowering the worn and abandoned places of the city is placed on the agenda of the agreement parties.

Promotion of knowledge-based economy as an important component of economy of resistance, mainstreaming and using the developmental effect and economic-social added value, establishing knowledge-based businesses and startups in line with restoring the worn places of Tehran are other topics of the agreement.

It is worth noting that this joint agreement will have a committee encompassing the deputies of the two units that will be established by a personal order and will follow up the implementation of the notes of the agreement.

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